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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Audio: Al Gore Goes on Profane Rant about Global Warming

This, from the unluckiest billionaire in the world, Al Gore. He was so close to winning the 2000 election, which may have been the beginning of his unhinging. At some point, he decided to hitch his wagon to the global warming movement and he again came close to his Cap and Trade dream, which fell short in Congress and was dropped for the Obamacare push. Then, in 2009, things began falling apart with the Climategate scandal. The economy began to tank and the global warming agenda moved from the back seat to the back end of the political station wagon.

All that together likely led to this profanity-laced rant Al Gore went on while in Aspen, CO.

**LANGUAGE WARNING: Hide the children before listening.**

Al Gore calls B.S. on climate change naysayers ... by RealAspen

h/t Fox Nation

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