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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Video: Infamous Dallas County Commissioner Threatens Reporter

Remember this guy? Dallas County commissioner John Wiley Price, who happens to be black, is the same dude who took offense when a white colleague of his used a 'black hole' metaphor when describing central collections. Price objected, saying such a reference was racist. This time, Price assaulted WFAA reporter Brett Shipp with an open palm to the throat and then threatened to 'split' Shipp's 'neck.' The assault and the threat were both captured on camera.

DALLAS — Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price physically accosted WFAA reporter Brett Shipp while Shipp was trying to gain access to Price's county office Wednesday morning.

Price struck Shipp with an open palm to the throat during a News 8 investigation of county equipment and purchases.

The incident occurred when Shipp was asked by Commissioner Maurine Dickey to accompany her to Price's Langdon Road office to gain access to storage sheds located on the county complex.

The News 8 video shows Brett Shipp, WFAA producer Mark Smith and photographer Billy Bryant following Commissioner Price and others as they attempted to enter the office front door.
People don't usually act this way unless they have something to hide but the bigger issue here is that a county commissioner should face real consequences for assault and threats. In this video report, you can hear Price tell Shipp 'I will split your neck' at least twice.

h/t Hapblog

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