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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Breaking News about FBI Informant at Brian Terry Murder Scene

If this is true, operation Fast and Furious just got exponentially more scandalous. Again, focus on the missing third gun allegedly found at the scene that has magically disappeared. Consensus seems to be that it was there because an FBI Confidential Informant (CI) put it there. There also must be a reason for that gun to be more damning than the two guns found at the scene that are themselves Fast and Furious guns.

It looks like Bob Owens at Pajamas Media might be onto that reason and, if true, it's big. The 'Rip Crew' that included Terry's killer may have been given foreknowledge about the location:
The rip crew was in Peck Canyon that evening with the intention of stealing money and drugs from a specific shipment of which they had prior knowledge.

Sources claim the Department of Justice has been trying for almost a year to hide the key information — how the rip crew knew the shipment was coming through that night.

Criminal informants (CIs) are a common tool of law enforcement agencies. When agencies apprehend criminals, agencies often reduce or drop charges in exchange for information leading to the arrests of higher-ranking criminals. Earlier this year, reports claimed that Operation Fast and Furious weapons smuggled over the border were actually chosen by an FBI informant, and paid for with money provided by the federal government.

The rip crew knew to be in Peck Canyon that December evening because a CI working for the FBI found out about a smuggling run — from the FBI.

Again, if this is true, it not only implicates the FBI along with the ATF but it would implicate the FBI directly in the creating the circumstances that led to Terry's death. Not only that but Owens makes the claim that the DEA knew about the ambush as well:
The CI used this information to organize an ambush of the drug convoy. A source tells PJM that the FBI knew from wiretaps that the CI was using their information to set up an ambush.
The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) — through its own CIs and communications intercepts — was also aware of the planned assault. 
Neither the DEA nor FBI warned Border Patrol about the expected criminal activity.
This is a must-read.

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