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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is Newt Gingrich a Political Schizophrenic (Think Climate Change)?

As conservatives continue kicking the tires of the Gingrich Mobile, they're starting to ask what's in the trunk because the back-end seems to be sinking from all the baggage. One of the bags in there holds Newt's politically schizophrenic positions on Climate change. Granted, Newt has admitted that sitting on a love seat with Nancy Pelosi to record a climate change ad was 'one of the dumbest things I've ever done' but it looks like he may need to do far more, like convince - and I mean convince - conservatives that he has had a 'Road to Damascus' experience. However, any such experience must have come since 2010.

Via Aaron Klein at WND: a video interview with Human Events magazine in May 2010, the former speaker not only defended his commercial with Pelosi, but he said he would do it again even after the 2009 email hacking scandal raised serious questions about the science behind so-called global warming.
"If they offer the chance to, then sure," Gingrich replied, when asked if he would do the commercial again despite the climate science controversy. 
"I would do a commercial with Al Gore," he further stated. 
The Pelosi commercial was for a Gore initiative. It promoted the Gore-founded website and project, We Can Solve 
In the 2008 ad, Pelosi states alongside Gingrich, "Go to We Can Solve It dot org. Together we can do this." 
In both his Human Events and O'Reilly interviews, Gingrich stated he was against "climate change" legislation. 
"I actively opposed cap and trade. I testified against it the same day Al Gore testified for it," he told O'Reilly. 
Speaking to Human Events, Gingrich stated, "I deeply oppose giant tax increases. I oppose centralized bureaucracy."
These are extremely disturbing realities that point to Gingrich being a political opportunist at best. It might be time to wander over to the Santorum mobile or give the Bachmann mobile another test drive.

Here is Gingrich earlier this month on Fox News Channel's Center Seat, telling viewers that the Pelosi gig was 'dumb.' Evidence is pointing to Gingrich seeing the ad as dumb not because he's had that Road to Damascus experience but because he knows it might be a self-inflicted and politically mortal wound.

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