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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shocker: Muslim Brotherhood Wins Egypt's Elections

Paging Anderson Cooper, Christianne Amanpour, and any other whacko / pseudo journalist who seemed intoxicated by the smells of the Arab Spring in Cairo earlier this year. These two, in particular, got beat up and still couldn't figure it out. As the entities charged with reporting honestly about what was going on consistently lied to an informed populace (not including OWS) who knew better, the Muslim Brotherhood appears to have finally risen to power in Egypt in much the same way that Hamas did in the Gaza Strip back in 2006 - through elections.

Via Almasry Alyoum:
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party demanded the right to form the new national salvation government following early indicators that the party won the most seats in parliament. 
“It is the majority in parliament that has the right to form the government,” said the party’s legal adviser Ahmed Abu Baraka. 
He also said that Major General Mamdouh Shahin, member of the military council, was wrong when he said the parliamentary majority does not have the right to form the government. “Shahin probably meant to calm the public by saying that,” he said. 
As to whether this would lead to a clash between the Brotherhood and the ruling military council, Abu Baraka dismissed the possibility as inconsequential. “We have always had clashes with the military,” he said.
h/t Weasel Zippers 

Meanwhile, John 'the Libyan rebels are my heroes' McCain predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood would NOT come to power in Egypt if the elections were fair. Here is what he told the American Spectator's Philip Klein back in February:
"We've seen in past history very well organized fanatical organizations can hijack democracy, whether it be Lenin, or whether it be radical Islamic extremists in Iran," McCain told me outside the Senate floor when asked about whether he was concerned that the Brotherhood could gain power. "They are an organization with ties to terrorist organizations. They support Sharia law, that alone should be reason not to have them as part of any democratic government. Sharia law is the most abhorrent treatment of women and perversion of the democratic ideals we stand for."
Well, Mr. McCain, were you wrong or were the elections unfair?

McCain needs to resign. He is either grossly ignorant (simply not possible) or  he is lying to the American people about the threat to western civilization (most likely).

h/t Hot Air 

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