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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Video: Occupy Oakland Adjusting Tactics, OWS'er Calling for Outright Violence

Typical left-wing word games. How do you get people to buy what you're selling when you're on the left? Well, pick a word that the mindless lemmings have been conditioned to view as positive and attach it to something that's negative. In this case, the positive word is 'diversity,' which is attached to the word 'tactics.' Sounds good, right? Who doesn't like diversity? It's such a peaceful word.

What does 'diversity of tactics' mean? Well, it means everything (including violence) is on the table. It means you must use whatever tactics are necessary to 'tear down the system' of course.

Clear-thinking Americans should not get caught flat-footed with respect to OWS. The movement views this as a class war and many see President Barack Obama as the silent General who supports them by doing nothing to stop them.

The reasons OWS protests have died down are varied. Among them are that the miscreants:
  • got tired
  • needed someone else to clean up after them
  • couldn't take the winter weather
  • were losing public support
  • weren't violent enough (as video below indicates)
We should not be under the illusion that these whackos are done facilitating the forces of entropy. Something tells me they'll be back and this video of OWS'er Sean O'Brien should reinforce that premise. He is calling for the 'De-colonization' of Oakland while encouraging protesters to use 'diversity of tactics.'

It's quite clear that O'Brien is calling for a ratcheting up of the violence in these protests because whatever they've done so far hasn't worked. It's almost as if the OWS crowd wasn't getting the real message of that 'wink, wink' that accompanied the first round of protests, which called for 'non-violence.' This message from O'Brien appears to be an attempt to be more clear with protesters about what is required.

To paraphrase O'Brien: "Psssst. Hey dummies. We only said to be 'non-violent' so we wouldn't be criminally liable as a movement. When we said 'non-violent,' we meant 'violent.' Got it?"

Beginning at the 3:00 mark, O'Brien tells his audience that 'diversity of tactics' means that 'all things are on the table' when it comes to the group getting what it wants. Uh, that would include violence, would it not? He then tells his listeners not to allow moral considerations to guide their decisions. There is no right or wrong.

Be sure to watch all the way to the end because beginning at the 6:38 mark, O'Brien's call for violence is quite obvious and specific.

OWS is entering very dangerous cult territory, folks.

h/t GWP

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