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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Congressman Throws Race Card right back in Holder's Face

Last week, Attorney General Eric Holder told the New York Times that his critics targeted both he and Obama, at least in part, because they were both black. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has thrown this charge right back in the face of Eric Holder by pointing to all of the Mexicans who have died as a direct result of Fast and Furious, a program that may have been implemented to create the appetite for more gun control.

Via Daily Caller:
Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar told The Daily Caller that Attorney General Eric Holder’s race-card play to attack his critics is “absolutely horrendous.” But Gosar said he thinks race may have played a role in the Department of Justice’s execution of Operation Fast and Furious — but in a different way from how Holder is framing it.

“He [Holder] brought up the race card, and while I think it’s absolutely horrendous that he would bring up the race card, in Fast and Furious, we were in fact impugning the Mexican people,” Gosar said in a phone interview. “About 300 people have lost their lives.”

“When the attorney general brings up the race card, he’d better be very, very careful — particularly for the Hispanics and what’s happened to them,” Gosar adds. “He’s been very insensitive, not only to the [U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian] Terry family in making an apology and making it very public, but where’s the apology to the Mexican government and the families of the victims in Mexico?”
I made this exact point a couple of weeks ago and also pointed to the fact that not ONE member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), which is made up completely of Democrats, is calling for Holder's resignation. This should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that when it comes to Democrats, ideology trumps race and groups like the CHC and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) aren't interested in defending any race. They're interested only in exploiting the race issue for their own gain.

The impasse that exists between Democrats and Republicans on this Fast and Furious scandal - save for Senator Joe Lieberman's (I-CT) recent announcement that his Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee will be looking into communication breakdowns between agencies - has been virtually impenetrable. One way for Republicans to get around it would be for someone like Gosar to put pressure on the CHC. In fact, this could be a huge campaign issue. If hispanics in the districts of these CHC members knew the truth, that pressure could come from constituents. We'll know that's happening when the first CHC member calls for Holder's resignation. When and if that does happen, it could signal the end for Holder.

I'm betting that CHC member Pedro Pierluisi (D-PR) will NOT be the first CHC member to call for Holder to resign. At the December 8th House Judiciary Committee Hearing, Pierluisi (D-PR) was by far and away, the most sycophantic with Holder. It was so bad, Holder looked mildly uncomfortable.

More here.

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