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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sheriff Joe Presser: 'Probable cause' that Obama Birth Certificate a 'Forgery'

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his 'Cold Case posse,' led by Mike Zullo had a press conference yesterday to bring people up to speed on where their investigation stands with regard to Barack Obama's Birth Certificate, as well as the president's Selective Service document. The conclusion at this point is that there is 'probable cause' the documents are 'fraudulent' and that a 'forgery' has been committed in both cases.

Via Washington Times:
Armed with a new 10-page report he commissioned, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Thursday he suspects the birth certificate President Obama released last year is a “computer-generated forgery” — and also raised questions about the authenticity of the president’s selective service registration card.

In an extensive — and at times combative — press conference in Phoenix, Sheriff Arpaio repeatedly said he is not questioning the president’s legal status under the Constitution nor alleging fraud on Mr. Obama’s part, but did say there is evidence crimes have been committed by someone and his investigation continues.

“Based on all of the evidence presented and investigated, I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic,” Sheriff Arpaio said. “My investigators believe that the long-form birth certificate was manufactured electronically and that it did not originate in paper format as claimed by the White House.”
Much of the press conference mirrored what has already been done on the internet by graphic artists who used presentations to demonstrate why the document is a forgery but there were moments that made eyebrows cock.

For example, Zullo mentioned that efforts were made to obtain passenger manifests for all flights coming into Hawaii from overseas over a ten year span. Any such flights during the 1960's would have been either Pan-Am or TWA. Though the manifests no longer exist, they were able to get ten years worth of INS records from the National Archives. Apparently, in reviewing them, the records from August 1, 1961 - August 8, 1961 were all missing (Obama's Birth Certificate says he was born on August 4th).

Another moment involved an affidavit from a former government employee who swore that in the early 1980's, he was introduced to Barack Obama on the front lawn of the home belonging to Bill Ayers' mother.

There was also an announcement that the 'Cold Case posse' has a person of interest relative to the alleged creation of Barack Obama's Birth Certificate but would not reveal it.

Another area of focus for the 'posse' was Barack Obama's Selective Service registration form, which I've always viewed as more suspect than the Birth Certificate.

In any event, Arpaio seemed to somewhat throw up his hands while pledging to carry on with the investigation. As a former federal employee, he seemed to concede that any agency having jurisdiction in this case seems disinterested in pursuing it. He's basically admitting that if Hawaii's state investigators will do nothing to further the investigation, the only place to get justice is Congress, which is nowhere near being interested in pursuing it.

So, it looks like Arpaio is left with looking for any smoking gun that might exist, on his own.

WND has the entire press conference available here.

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