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Friday, April 27, 2012

Video: Barack, Who's Your Father?

This is basically a continuation from this post but here is Jerry McGlothlin of CleanTV giving his take on the film to be released this July entitled, "Dreams From my REAL Father," which claims to have evidence that Barack Obama's biological father was Frank Marshall Davis.

Again, and quite hypothetical, if Davis was Obama's father, any and all Birth Certificates presented by Obama are necessarily fraudulent because of who's identified as his father on those Certificates.

Via CleanTV:

Here is the trailer of the film.

***UPDATE*** Thought this might be a good video to add. It's a news report from a CBS 5 affiliate in Arizona that covered Sheriff Joe Arpaio's press conference on March 1st at which he charged that there is probable cause that the Birth Certificate Obama produced last year is fraudulent. Regardless of where you come down on the Birther argument, Arpaio's lead investigator, Mike Zullo makes a compelling case that the document was forged, created digitally.

Again, the question of last year's document being forged is completely separate from the charge that Obama was born in Kenya, which is a debate I've generally stayed away from.

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