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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Take That, Race-baiters: 1987 Story on Reporters Shouting at Reagan

The liberal, race-baiting whackos over at MSNBC who seem to think that no president has been so disrespected publicly, point to Joe Wilson, Jan Brewer, and Neil Munro as proof positive that it has more to dow the color of Obama's skin than his propensity for lying about things like never belonging to a socialist political party. Well, thanks to Tom Blumer at NewsBusters, we learn from none other than one of the left's own propaganda arms - the AP in 1987 - that Ronald Reagan endured similar treatment.

Another common refrain from the left is that Munro should have waited until After Obama was done speaking before lobbing any questions the President's way. Munro's response to that argument is that Obama doesn't stick around to answer questions. That was the knock on Reagan in the AP report, which goes a step further, saying that Reagan was to blame for doing so.

Does anyone know the Heimlich maneuver? The irony I'm choking on has blocked by airways.

That all leads me to this exchange via NewsBusters on MSNBC between two race-baiters - Michael Eric Dyson and POLITICO's Joe 'Brother Joe' Williams. Note how Williams said no president has been disrespected more than Obama and then implies it's all because of racism.


h/t Daily Caller

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