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Monday, April 15, 2013

Planned Parenthood's Delaware Clinic another in a long line of examples that show Gosnell no outlier

As the morbid and gory details of the Kermit Gosnell trial were being brought to light, Planned Parenthood realized it couldn't rely on people remaining uninformed. It needed a new strategy. It chose to denounce Gosnell's clinic and identify it as an outlier. Hot Air puts it this way:
Proof positive that we’ve reached a new phase of Gosnell damage control. Plan A: Ignore, ignore, ignore. Plan B: If Plan A becomes impossible, use Gosnell as some sort of exception that proves the rule about why, counterintuitively, America needs easier access to abortion.
So that's PP's plan?

PP would have you believe that its "clinics" are safer and cleaner than Gosnell's was. Gosnell's "clinic" hadn't been inspected since 1993. Perhaps PP will argue that it is inspected with much greater regularity. Aside from that, perhaps we can also assume that none of the PP clinics saved babies' feet in jars, like Gosnell did. Once again, that's likely a distinction with not much of a difference if babies are murdered in similar ways.

As for inspections of PP "clinics", well as you'll see in the news report below, PP is essentially responsible for inspecting itself.

Take note at the end of the report when the anchor clarifies with the reporter that PP prides itself on having the most sanitary conditions in its "clinics," compared to those of non-PP "clinics".

Via ABC 6 in Philadelphia (h/t GWP) about a PP "clinic" in Delaware:

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Any charges of he said / she said in a disgruntled employee / employer relationship between the two former employees and the clinic ring hollow in light of the multiple 911 calls to the local hospital because women were overly medicated or otherwise in danger. We also have the case of other employees suddenly leaving. The conditions described by these employees are eerily reminiscent of what witnesses described took place at Gosnell's abortuary - unsanitary conditions, blood all over the place, etc. What's truly amazing is how at least one of the employees bemoans the state of the "clinic" and its safety while almost immune to the murders.

Now, as for conditions inside PP "clinics" compared to non-PP "clinics"...

If PP is going to argue that it doesn't perform the late-term abortions Gosnell was performing, all one has to look at is PP lobbyist Alisa LaPolt Snow in front of the Florida legislature last month. She essentially admitted that babies born alive in botched abortions should be legally murdered.

Let us also not forget that after PP President Cecile Richards was caught lying on a massive scale when she claimed that her organization doesn't just perform abortions but also things like mammograms.

Remember this?

Or how about this? PP "clinic" in New York City helps a pimp pose as a "guardian" for one of his prostitutes.

Then, of course, how about those instances of requesting abortions inside PP "clinics" because the sex of the unborn baby was not right?

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